Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where We Are Today: Laundry Room

The past few days we have made a push to finish projects in the laundry room that we have been putting off for weeks/months. We are not done in there by any means but everything we have purchased has been put in place so I thought I would start my house updates.

I gave a tour of the house as it was when we bought it here. 

The Laundry Room/Mud Room/Pantry/Office/Hide Everything Away Even Though There is No Door Room

I have to start off saying that this room did not exist. Where the laundry room is today was originally a back porch. Considering the view was the garage and the neighbor's house and we already had a much larger, screened in porch on the lake side it was a wasted space. The only plus? It had a concrete slab already poured which meant I could have an addition :)

Demo began:

Then construction started: 

Our dads decided to help "supervise" I still can't believe my dad drove all the way from North Carolina to work outside in the middle of the summer. He must love me :) or didn't want us to mess it up... 

We got most of the construction complete over the course of the week my dad was in town. We spent the next few weekends drying the addition in and putting on the roof shingles. It was exhausting but we knew that if we were going to be happy with the house it had to happen. Before the addition there was only a "laundry space" in the unattached garage.... 

This weekends project list included setting up the storage we bought at Williams Sonoma. Lets just say I never measured to see if they would actually fit.... 

My lack of measuring meant that Geoff had to come save the day and cut the corner pieces down 4 inches. Opps. It happens (pretty regularly).  Tuna was seared & all was forgiven. 

Now for the reveal:

Mama Pink String (Geoff's Mom) sewed these :)

Seed wrappers + art paper + frame = simple

Totally not a forever solution

I helped Mama Pink String sew this one

Robe hooks from Target

Curtain Rod & Hooks from Lowe's

Storage from W&S

Cart from W&S

I hope you agree that this is an improvement from the back porch :) 

We still have a ton to do:
  • Put window casing around window
  • Add storage on the wall above the washer & dryer
  • Add desk(s) & storage where the plastic table is
  • Add window treatments
  • Show storage where the dog bowl sits
  • A place to hang clothes to dry and and ironing board
  • More art
  • A rug
  • Paint the door
This room is my favorite thus far and I love how it turned out. The green walls, tile floors, and fabric choices make me smile and that is what matters.

Someone wanted dinner...

Any suggestions? 

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