Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Pink House

Once it had been decided that I WAS going to be moving down to Florida, three things had to happen: an engagement, a job, & a place to live that wasn't his parents house. The engagement took 10 months, the job took two months, and the house happened to be the first house we looked at. It was love at first sight. If you can call this love:
The bird house sold me. 

All of the pictures were taken the day the house became ours, over a year ago, but I thought I would give you a tour of what we started with....


The view from the front door into the living room & kitchen.

The dining room.

The kitchen & back porch

Splatter paint cabinets, wall paper & stainless steel counter tops?

The bathroom...

Main bedroom (the 2nd bedroom looks the same)

The front porch.

What actually sold us. The lake not the cacti or the bird houses. 

Like all couples we compiled a list of must haves, would like to have, wish we could have, & what we could live without. 
My list included: 
  • At least three bedrooms (young ones are in our future, far away future but still)
  • At least two bathrooms (two & a half would be nice)
  • Open floor plan, at least for the kitchen and family room
  • Closet space for me
  • A laundry room
  • A pantry
  • On a few acres with the ability to have animals and not be close to neighbors
  • The ability to make it our own
His list included:
  • Must be on a lake
  • Must be close to where I work
  • Must have a garage
  • Must have space to plant citrus trees and have a garden
  • Must have a bedroom & a bathroom

Typical female & male but lets see what we actually got....

My list:
  • Two bedrooms
  • One bath inside the house & one in the attached garage (both must be gutted)
  • Not even close to an open floor plan: doors between living room, dining room, kitchen & hallway
  • Smallest closets ever
  • Laundry "room" was in the non attached garage
  • Pantry, nowhere to be seen
  • Offically 1.2 acres but with the lake being so far down and easments a little over two but we are actually in a city so no "farm animals" 
  • The ability to make it our own: YES YES & YES
His list:
  • It is on a lake that is the perfect size and very clean
  • It is located in between his office, the blueberry fields, and most of the citrus groves
  • There is a garage but it is not attached
  • Fruit trees have been planted
  • And there is a bedroom and bathroom
His list was 100%, mine not so much but I adore it & I am obsessed with the changes we have made. I am so excited to share the progress as well as the blood, sweat & tears that have gone in to it. 

I made a pasta dish last night that I am so excited to share tomorrow! 

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