Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stamps & Reptiles

Last year I met my first friend in Florida (that wasn't related to Geoff) at a citrus trade show. Completely random for both of us but we were both there for work. We instantly hit it off and had a ton in common. 

I am obsessed with her blog: 6 Petals and her store: 6 Petals the shop 

A month or so ago she found out she was moving up to VA.... but yesterday she surprised me with a quick stop in town! She referred to it as a business trip: picking up furniture, seeing her family and lastly, picking up her bf's reptile. 

Meet Godzilla:

He is huge! I have never been a reptile fan. I do not have a fear, I just have never felt the need to have them in my life but Godzilla is pretty neat creature. He is even potty trained! 

C, J & Godzilla
Me & Godzilla
I am sad to see her go (C not Godzilla) but she has been so helpful already with wedding projects. We ventured into many thrift stores for vases, frames, and other treasures. She also designed my save the dates but more on those soon. 

Most recently she sent me jpg that I had made into a stamp:

I have not decided what all I am going to use the stamp for but for about $10 I figured it was a must have. Lables, bags, envelopes and such can all be customized easily now :) 

After lunch we loaded up in the car and headed to the coast....

Meet Argos.
Have a great weekend and be sure to check out 6 petals

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  1. godzilla is such a star now! have fun at the beach...and kick ass on your tri!