Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome & Hello

who am i? 
This is obviously a loaded question for my first post & you will soon get to know who I actually am BUT in a nut shell I am a 20 something female who moved from CA to GA now to my forever (I hope!) spot in Central (basically middle of nowhere) Sunny Florida. By middle of nowhere I mean we don't have a Starbucks, Target or Whole Foods. Its ok though, someday we will catch up. Besides the lack of conveniences Florida is amazing and I have fallen in love. Lakes, fresh produce and the beach less than two hours away leaves very little to complain about. 

Must love the corporate head shot.
 why the moves? 
California is California and you have perfect weather, beaches, mountains, delicious food, and shopping but high school graduation led to college and for college I decided to go to school in Atlanta (Go Yellow Jackets!) Atlanta was great for 5 years (who goes to college for 4 years now-a-days anyway?) but like many females that attend a college with a MUCH larger percentage of men, I fell in love with a boy from Florida. This boy and I are now engaged, bought a house in his home town where his family's business is. 

ATL Skyline on top of a building I got to work on
 what do I do? 
I handle marketing for a general contractor in my town. My degree was Building Construction NOT marketing but it is within the same industry and I am love learning more and more about the industry. My free time consists of renovating our house (more on that soon), experimenting in the kitchen, training for various races, DIYing everything, and planning our wedding. 

Everyone needs to do a mud run in a tutu at least once
 why a blog?
I have attempted this before in 2009 & 2010 and never got much past this point. The reasoning? I didn't know what I was passionate about yet. I was in college, working multiple jobs, and wanted to have fun. I know know what I want to share with the blogging world: how to live creatively well. 

I did mention I live basically in the middle of nowhere

what does "creatively well" mean?
I feel that to live "well" one must take care of themselves physically, nutritionally and mentally. When you allow your individual creativity to flow, whatever the outlet may be, you enter a state of relaxation, healing and stress relief. At least I think so. I am not a artist by any means (I wish) but through cooking a meal, refurbishing an old piece of furniture, or creating a training plan I am able to be creative in my own life. 

I LOVE wedding season
who is this "boy"? 
This "boy" that moved me to Florida is Geoffrey and I obviously think he is amazing. He works in the agriculture industry although he also studied Building Construction with me in school. He knows how to fix everything and anything and is extremely hands on. He may or may not be a better cook then me, depending who you ask but I don't mind. 

Our pink house
what about this house? 
We bought our house in April 2010 & we moved in June 2011. Calling it a fixer upper would be an understatement and it may have become a larger project then what we were originally expecting (we thought we would move in October 2010) but we love it. We are on a lake and we are making it ours. I can't wait to share all of the projects and progress with you. Trust me there is still plenty to do & this picture is from the day we bought it....

I am so excited for this opportunity and look forward to Pink String & Green Beans future :) 

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