Friday, August 26, 2011

Where We Are Today: Bathroom

TGIF y'all!

This week has been crazy & I am so ready for the weekend (I am always ready for the weekend, who isn't?)

What is the perfect way to kick off the weekend? With a Where We Are Today update! Remember the Laundry Room update? Well now it is time for the bathroom :)


You are probably trying to figure out why we would want to gut this beauty? It was a tough decision but it came down to space. My 5'4" self couldn't sit on the toilet (with the seat closed & my clothes on) without my shins on the tub & my elbow resting on the sink. Now picture Geoff's 6' plus frame attempting the same task. Not a chance. 

Now for demo & investigations. My favorite/least favorite part. A total love hate relationship. 

One would have thought that this house had never been updated. Boy was I wrong. 

Below the very attractive, hairspray & dirt covered faux wood paneling was this faux plastic tile. Sea foam green is always a good choice for the bathroom. This demo duty was all mine  & lucky for me the wood paneling was in sheets and only held up with small brads, trim, bathroom hardware & glue. The tiles were only held on by glue and they were not connected to each other. After removing the additional bathroom hardware, trim & decorative items, it was time to tackle the floors. I once again assumed that the linoleum was original. Nope. The bottom of the three was though. I wish I had pictures. There was actually hardwood floor under the linoleum. Most of it was rotten because of water damage but some I saved for patching. 

It was now Geoff's turn. 

Since our home was built in the 1940's the walls are plaster. Plaster is some strong, heavy stuff. I still have nightmares. Geoff used every tactic out there. Sledge hammers, power tools & man strength. Notice the sweat? Ya. It was summer, in Central Florida. Have I mentioned that he is a total stud lately? 

While we were in demo mode we also took out the closet & water heater that took up valuable bathroom space. 

Then I had to remove all of the nails. Hundreds of them. I think I could have sold them for scrap and bought myself something pretty. Something pretty being my swimming pool that happens to be located in my bathroom. 

I measured (twice) and the tub that took me months to find seemed to fit perfect. It didn't seem too big on the internet. Yes the world wide web. Well actually I found it online, priced it online & went to Lowes and flirted bargained with the commercial sales guy to special order it for me at the same price. He did. 

A few weeks later it arrived. When I walked into my kitchen, I wasn't sure if I should jump for joy or start crying.  A minor freak out, a few beers, and about an hour of sitting in it, it was decided that it would work perfect. The bruises on my inner thigh from stepping into on a daily basis may tell a different story (you DO NOT want a picture). The tub sat in the kitchen for months. Literally months, maybe 6. 

Measuring, concrete board, framing, water proofing, insulation, and all of that followed. Not in that order. 

One the room was brought back to a room I could get involved again. We once again decided to go with 6" tongue and groove boards. I HATE drywall.  I agree that it has a place in the construction industry but not in a home that was built 60 years ago that has plaster everywhere else and not when Geoff will be the one doing it. I love the look of the boards. They add a texture and detail that can not be accomplished with drywall. There is a whole lot more room for error. 

The boards went up with only minor problems. Geoff loved the look of the raw boards but I had to explain we live on a lake and not on a mountain. I said he could leave his closets raw. Deal. 

Painting is my job. Painting is something that I always thought I enjoyed. Not so much any more. Renovating a house will do that to you but I love how a can of paint can transform a space. We went with a straight from the can white. 

Now for where we are today. This is really exciting for me just FYI. This is my favorite room. 


I hope you can notice the difference. It is a little more white & a little less brown. 

Ah. Geoff's thrown. A birthday present from Mama Pink String :) 

The ceiling is blue. I never thought I liked blue but it has been a trend. It is amazing that your eyes aren't drawing to the ceiling. It is not over powering at all. I love the added punch of color. 

A white floor mat is a horrible idea. On the search for a new one...

Restoration Hardware lights. These make me very happy. The fact that they were on super sale when we bought them makes me even happier. 

Try taking pictures in a small room that has a mirror and not take a peace self portrait. 

Pedistool sink that was donated to me by my last job. "You uninstall it, you get it" (It was a model & never hooked up to plumbing) 

The original house hardware. Once again, Love. Notice the yellow tinge of the door? We have a solution but its a secret. 

My pony, privacy wall/door stop. 

I am extremely happy with how it turned out. You would have no idea how it used to look & that is the idea. Between the marble tile, subway tile, pedistool sink, swimming pool, hardware, fixtures, & ceiling I can't quite pick a favorite. 

Things I would change:
  • Would not have bought a white bath mat (easy fix)
  • Would have gone with a darker grout for the floor tile

We still have plenty of work left though. 
  • Storage, storage, & more storage. 
  • Artwork
  • Repaint the door
  • More storage
  • Repaint the mirror frame
I suppose not too much more to do besides keep it clean. We chose polished nickel for the hardware & I am having the hardest time keeping it clean and getting all of the water spots off of it. Any suggestions? 

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