Thursday, August 4, 2011

hummus & blue paint

Yesterday was a busy day for me and I figured I would dress the part:

Although I am in marketing, there are a lot of days that I can get away dressing on the more casual side. This has a lot to do with both the location & the industry but I do enjoy dressing up for work (as long as I keep a pair of flats in my purse) The blouse, skirt, belt & necklace are from Jcrew. Its a bad habit. Their clothes fit me well & when they have a sale it is a great deal. The shoes are Michael by Michael Kors. They are comfortable, can be dressed up or down, match almost any outfit, & my mom bought them. That is a total win if you ask me. 

The self photo shoot was followed by a surprise in my fridge: le jus d'orange aka orange juice. No I don't speak french but the individuals who will be drinking the orange juice do. 

My in-laws have a juice company Noble Juice and in America their juice line is Noble but apparently in France the name is what you see above. Not a bad way to start your day :) 

The remainder of my day was spent at work, then at a hair appointment, but then it was time to entertain. My friend L stopped by to share wine & conversation while Geoff was gone (fishing).  She brought the wine & I made a pizza with ricotta and roasted red peppers and a delicious basil hummus that I found on Daily Garnish 

I whipped it up using my favorite food processor ever and followed her recipe exactly minus the amount of basil. I used just under 1/2 a cup instead of a full cup.

My basil plant grows very small leaves, it may be a different variety but the flavors are very strong so I have found less is needed.  It was delicious & unfortunately we polished off the whole batch. I do plan on going home at lunch and making more :) I think I will make a few adjustments to make it my own. Maybe some black pepper & lemon....

One thing I love about hummus is that it takes moments to throw together, I normally have all of the ingredients on hand, and there are so many varieties. I am always temped to buy the prepared tubs but the $4 a tub price and the excessive amounts of olive oil remind me to make my own. 

A few months ago Geoff and I tackled a furniture renovation project:

This solid wood dresser was bought by Geoff's mom at a yard sale for him to take to college. She never expected for it to return home after college. Since she did not need it she allowed us to have it & do with it as we please :) 

After removing the handles, sanding, and a few trips down the Home Depot paint aisle we had this:

A few months before this I found this blue paint color and almost wanted to paint my walls with it. In the end I obviously stuck with a more neutral tone knowing that I could some day paint something in the room this color.

The dresser sat like this for a few months. I had ordered hardware from Restoration Hardware before we even painted but of course the hardware I chose was back ordered, then back ordered again. Not a huge deal. Last week they arrived! 

I was in love. RH sends two different lengths of screws with their hardware just in case. Well this "just in case" wasn't good enough. I had to have Geoff cut them even shorter. A five minute fix.

I absolutely love how it turned out. It gives the perfect pop of color in the corner of the room & you can't beat the price:

Dresser: free
Paint: $10
Hardware: $90
Total: $100

We did splurge on pricier hardware but after trips to multiple stores and an hour or two online I figured spending an extra $30 would make all the difference. It did. 

I am now on the hunt for more furniture to update :) 

My friend C just tackled a project that I am extremely jealous of over at 6 Petals

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  1. i love the hardware and the color. the dresser turned out so good. and i'm jealous that you and L shared "wine & conversation" :)