Sunday, August 14, 2011

love the weekend

Weekends shouldn't be spent cleaning, doing laundry or working but spent with family and friends :) But we all have piles such as these:

I will admit that these piles have been ignored thus far and friends have taken center stage this weekend. 

Friday was spent at home testing out the new grill pan that Mama Pink String bought us. 

The head lamp is optional when grilling :) I think we need to add exterior lighting to our to do list, along with 2,549 other items. It actually works very well. The grilled vegetables were a mixture of zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and spinach (added at the very end) tosses with olive oil and salt & pepper. Basically a great way to clean out the veggie drawer in the fridge.  

I will admit that I hate mushrooms. Its a texture thing. Dr Fuhrman has done the research and proven how powerful mushrooms can be for a female. So I have decided to start tasting mushrooms and adding them in small amount to recipes. I used to hate beans. Full on hated them. Once again a texture thing but I knew once I became vegan they would need to become an everyday staple in my diet. Beans are now my favorite favorite source of protein so lets hope mushrooms will be on my favorites list as well.

I am a member of my local Junior League chapter and yesterday we had a summer social to recruit new members at one of my favorite locations in my county: The Barn

The Barn sells antiques and furniture that the owners find while they are in Europe. My dining room table is from here.

The Stable sells home decor and gifts. The Back Yard Garden Shop sells various gardening decorations, tools and gifts. 

There is also a restaurant, The Back Porch Restaurant, and it is the perfect place to bring family and friends visiting from out of town and it is also ideal for casual meetings and socials. The food is ordered at a counter and delivered in baskets. The food is southern tea room, with various sandwiches, salads and desserts such as strawberry shortcake. They have a "create your own salad" option and that would be their only vegan option but the atmosphere makes it special. 

The new provisional chairs

The new chair on the left and my provisional leader in the middle. 
My shirt, skirt, & shoes are Jcrew. Typical I know. 

The festivities didn't end at The Barn but continued at my friend Megan's parent's house. They went out of town and allowed her to have friends over. Flashbacks to high school :) 

The view was as amazing as the company and the food. The guys grilled burgers and I made a grilled vegetable pasta salad that was gluten free & vegan and everyone loved it. Even the guys. I will be sharing soon. 

 The rain even held off for us to attempt a slip and slide. (flashbacks once again) 

Now it is time to be an adult and tackle the laundry, bathroom, and our bedroom.

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