Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Let's just say I have a smile on my face & its because I just adore the blogging world. People are just so darn nice in blogland.

A few weeks ago I participated in the Pinterest Summer Challenge and made my dinning room table benches. One of the fun things about this challenge was not just the fact that I have benches for my table but getting to see what so many other talented bloggers where able to do in just a few short days.

One of these talented bloggers was Jileen at The Overhaul.

the overhaul

She may have won me over with the kilt, or the fact that she lives in the United Kingdom but either way her blog is so much fun. She focuses on DIY & reno of her family's home. Any blog that features a tour of their home makes me so excited. I LOVE to house crash whether it be in person or with pictures. So much fun.

Jileen presented me with the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you Jileen! Now the work begins...

Once awarded this fun award, one must:
  1. Thank the blogger who presented me with the award. Thanks Jilleen!
  2. Share 7 things about ones self. See below...
  3. Pass the award along to 10 other deserving bloggers. Yay!
7 Things About Miss Pink String & Green Beans...

  1. I was born in "The OC" which when I went to college everyone thought was the coolest thing thanks to Laguna Beach & The OC TV shows being all the rage at that time. Yes the weather is perfect, the people are fake & it is very expensive to live there. Hence #2...
  2. I moved to Bakersfield a few years into my life.(map quest it, its pretty much the middle of nowhere but has the 2nd worst air in the US) I can bet that if you are eating a bag of baby carrots they are from Bakersfield...
  3. I crave carrots. I always have bags of them in my fridge. I hate cooked carrots though. They can be diced & in a soup or dish but whole or chopped cooked carrots? I won't eat them.
  4. I also love pistachios. I can & will eat them until I am sick. Momma Green Bean makes a makes-me-not-want-to-be-vegan pistachio fudge that I ate growing up that I still crave. I need to figure out how to make vegan fudge.
  5. I have only left the United States once & that was on a cruise with my family to some awful town in Mexico. Remind me to never go on a cruise again. Unless it is to Alaska.
  6. I really want to go to Alaska & Montana & Oregon & Maine & pretty much every state in the US & I hope to accomplish this and do this when I have kids (far down the road... you can stop knitting the baby blanket Mama Green Bean)  Geoff has been to all but 2 states & he is going to one of them in a few months. Not fair.
  7. I have a fear of killing bugs. I feel like it is karma. I had a brown widow spider living in my mail box for weeks/months & didn't want to kill it. I finally told Geoff about it & he took care of it. It was huge, brown & had the red triangles. I would post the picture but I like y'all more then that so google it if you must :)
Now for Passing Along the Versatile Blogger Award:
  1. 6petals I have talked about this blog (& shop!) quite often. Vintage goods + amazing photo shop skills.
  2. M Marie I wish I could do self portraits & outfit posts & get away with it. LOVE her boutique.
  3. A Pretty Penny This blog is just too cute & demonstrates affordable fashion. I need to start bargain shopping.
  4. A Home in The Making More Room Crashing!
  5. Manifest Vegan Chocolate Chip Cherry Brownies that I can eat. Need I say more?
  6. Something Old Something New Weddings planned by sisters? Very well done.
  7. Edible Perspective Dogs, Doughnuts & Enchilada Sauce.
This maybe isn't 10 but here are 7 that I enjoy to read, find I relate to & want to steal ideas daily. I hope you enjoy!

.live creatively well.

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  1. Thank you for the award! :)
    I've been to Bakersfield! My husband drug me down there one year for the Hot Rod Reunion. And, you should definitely come visit Oregon :)