Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bathroom Storage. Finally.

Remember a few weeks ago we starting all of our painting projects? Remember our chairs? Well a second item that was painted was MUCH needed storage in our bathroom.

We thought about ways to DIY this storage for a while. We even went to a few of the big box stores to see what we could buy "off the shelf". No luck. The size of the space is unique and we knew that custom would have to be the route to go.

I know custom sounds expensive but I do have a few tips to keep the price down.
  1. Get the product unfinished and stain or paint yourself
  2. Get the product without the hardware and install that yourself
  3. Try to stay on 1 sheet. Most custom cabinet companies order doors and trim and then the wood they use to build the box. In their shop they cut the wood to the desired size. This price is based on how many sheets are needed. Just ask what size will fit on one sheet.
We did all of this and I love the end result.

But here is how we started...

We used the exact same process as we did with the chairs so I will save all of those details.

We then painted the cabinets the same color as we did in the bed room. I believe the color is Heavy Goose by Martha Stewart.

Forgive the horrible iPhone pictures but I was not prepared for Geoff to start the install. I will not halt a motivated man for pictures :)

The gray is actually a larger contrast than it looks in these pictures but it is subtle enough to not make the space look smaller. I love how the bottom shelf is open to the back. Geoff thought it would be the perfect place to store TP. What a guy :)

The hardware for this was not an easy decision. All of the metal in the room is polished nickel but the door hardware is the antique brass, original glass hardware. I knew I wanted to bring in natural elements and bring a less polished vibe into the bathroom but wasn't sure where.

I started with a very pretty glass hardware from anthropology. The key there was they were pretty and I thought I had enough pretty. I returned them and guess what they got in stock that week!? Rope handles. I loved the idea of this and since my phone does not get reception in the mall and I couldn't run it by Geoff, I bought them. He approved & installed them.

I added a natural wood picture frame and a linen tray to the shelf to finish it off. I plan on adding boxes on top of the cabinet later on for additional storage of items we don't use often. I found a few at Ikea but haven't taken the plunge yet....

The cabinet currently holds TP & extra towels but once I install the shelf liners they will hold toiletries. Finally.

A few MAJOR purchases have been made this week & lots of boxes have arrived in the mail.

Here is a hint....

-live creatively well.

FYI my Miami Man race is Sunday & I am starting to get a little nervous!

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  1. Geez. You and Geoff are doing amazing at this whole new house decorating thing. Well done, Nicole.

    Can't wait to see you!!!