Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkins & Football

I am all about annual events and traditions because they give you something to look forward to. Last year, my girl friends and I carved pumpkins and had a fabulous time. No big deal you may think but this was the first time that most of us had carved pumpkins since we were kids. Needless to say, mine was an epic fail so this year I was determined to redeem myself. We also added more to our group which is always a plus!

I was focused and wouldn't even let the mosquitoes distract me. What was my fail proof plan of attack?

A stencil labeled easy. You basically tear out the sheet of paper, tack it to the pumpkin, make holes around the lines, remove the paper, & carve.

By easy they mean it is going to take forever and you must take your time or you will mistake a branch for a cat tail.

That may or may not have happened.

The end result may look like something a 7 year old could have done but it is 100 times better than last years disaster.

I will consider this a win.

Please forgive the off center, slanted picture but this was taken with the timer mode sitting on top of a trashcan :)

On Friday we ventured north to our college town: Atlanta. We go into town around 9:30 and grabbed a drink at Barrel House. When we were in school this was the location of a not so great breakfast place so in my opinion it is an upgrade. There weren't any food options that I could eat but I had a blackberry cider.

Saturday we started out by wandering through the book store. It was so crowded and we didn't buy anything.

Our next stop was The West Side Provisions District. This is where I used to work and I loved working here. Between the architecture, food and shopping there is no reason to leave. If I didn't move to Florida, I would be living there.

We started out at Star Provisions where we did a little shopping. I bought a cat bowl that is made out of bamboo. Completely random but our cat door requires a magnet key to allow the cat through and our current cat bowls are metal. This makes meal time very entertaining for me but frustrating for the cat. The bowl sticks to her. Bamboo does not stick to her collar. The second purchase was a tray for the bathroom. It is made of 100% linen and really cute. I will show that when I show an update for the bathroom. We also bought our tailgate dinner.

Star Provisions also has a prepared food section that includes a variety of salads, breads, sandwiches, and other dishes. The food is made fresh from local ingredients and does not disappoint. I had a ceci pea salad, roasted cauliflower salad, and a black eyed pea salad. Geoff had a roasted organic chicken breast sandwich with green goddess dressing. 

A dream of mine is to someday open a store that has the same intentions as Star Provisions.

Across the street we stopped by the new Anthropology and Bungalow Classic . If I could decorate my home from only two stores these two would be them. This Anthro location is my favorite of them all. Besides being huge the space just screams Anthropology. It used to be a high end fabric store. I have a few items from Bungalow that I got while working at the district that are still my favorite items.

Our last stop and the one I have been looking forward to for months was Taqueria Del Sol. This is a very simple yet delicious and many say perfect taco restaurant. While living in Atlanta I think I averaged at least two lunches there a week and now every time we come in town I have to stop by. There are only a few veggie options but I would be content on their margaritas and guacamole alone. I also order their veggie re fried beans and house salad. Geoff always gets a variety of tacos.

Stores and restaurants likes these are what I miss living in Florida but it is so much fun visiting when I am in town.

After we shopped and ate it was time to tailgate!

Tailgating may be one of my favorite things. Food, drinks, friends and perfect fall weather. It doesn't get any better than that. My pledge class sets up a tailgate and it was the perfect place to start the day. Most of my girl friends no longer live in Atlanta but during football season we all wish we did.

My parents also came in town for the game and had a tailgate across campus with my dads friends from college. My dad still tailgates and sits with all of his college friends at the football games. I hope my girlfriends and I are able to do the same.

The game was not until 8pm and by that time it was chilly. Leggings, extra socks, long sleeve shirts and a blanket were all added to the traditional game day attire. I remember freshman year thinking how crazy all of the girls and guys were for dressing up for the football game but now I can appreciate the tradition. When Geoff was in school, the guys had to wear ties!

We played Clemson and they were ranked # 5 in the nation. A blow out was expected but that was not the outcome.

We beat Clemson 31 to 17. This is a huge victory considering Tech was not even ranked this week. We were ranked 12th but then had two disappointing losses. Students rushed the field and everyone was so excited.

Sunday we had a couples shower thrown for us and I am so excited to share that soon! My hand is already cramping from thank you cards...

.live creatively well.

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