Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Couples Bridal Shower

On Sunday my bridesmaids, girlfriends, and God mother threw Geoff and I the most amazing, fun, perfect couples shower.

Prior to the shower my mom and I decided we would treat ourselves to makeovers at the Bobbie Brown counter :) There is no charge if you purchase three products. How perfect is that?

I ended up purchasing a lip gloss, eye shadow base and blush.

After our pampering it was time to rush to the shower. We may have been running late....

The ladies decorated the house so cute and had a ton of food. Even a few recipes from my blog!

After bubbly was served and plates were cleaned it was time to open gifts. Geoff found out that morning that you open the gifts in front of your guests... That did not go over well but he was a trooper and was very helpful. I was grateful but very overwhelmed.

After the first few gifts, we both calmed down. Neither of us are big "attention seekers". I think we would both prefer to open gifts alone. Lame I know but I don't do well with attention. The pictures were hilarious.

This picture shows my beautiful hostesses. These ladies planned a great day that we will never forget.

Having my parents there was also a great feeling. I know they are so happy for Geoff and I and I know they will always support (almost) all of our decisions.

Geoff's sister was there and that meant so much to both of us.

I am so bummed this picture didn't turn out that well. I am hoping it is on another camera but these are my sorority sisters (well most of them that came).

I am so grateful for everything & I will admit that my hands are cramping from thank you cards.

Thank you everyone!

On another note we have a ton of boxes in the mail from a purchase we made a few weeks ago! I can't wait to share what it is but I bet you can guess :)

.live creatively well.

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