Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where did this past month go? I have so many events that I am planning at the moment (for work/community) that it feels like I am planning about 5 weddings and TOTALLY slacking on my own.

Lets see where I wanted to be....
  • Get a passport- why do I keep putting this off?!
  • Invitations figured out. I am on proof #3 & am so happy thus far.
  • Decide on honeymoon- this is 100% on Geoff now :)  
  • Complete a few DIY projects- started a few & have discovered a few more 
  • Keep looking for shoes- nope but not a big deal 
  • Book a hotel for wedding night- yes big thanks to my dad. 
The passport situation must happen soon, I know. My dad had his stolen and said it was simple to get a replacement. I hope he is right. 

The invitation situation has been fun. One of my bridesmaids found an amazing company out of California that does letterpress invitation suites that don't cost an arm and a leg.... I will share all of those details afterwards. Speaking of details, it is amazing how much effort goes into invitations. There are a million decisions in regards to colors, fonts, styles and wording. I don't even want to think about every ones mailing addresses and names. Thank goodness for a small wedding.

I have only left the United States once and this was with my parents for a graduation cruise. We ventured into Mexico for maybe 4 hours. The thought of "world travel" scares me. Geoff lived in Paris for a summer and has traveled with his family on many occasions. He is going to book the flights and plan the trip. I am so grateful....

DIY projects are my favorite and thanks to the blogging world and Pinterest,the projects keep on adding up. This is ok with me though. I figure after the first of the year and all of my DIY holiday projects and gifts are complete, I can focus on wedding DIY.

Shoes, jewelry, party dresses and all of those fun items will come when they come. I want to spread out the purchases and buy items that I actually can wear again. I have found the jewelry I think I want and I found a rehearsal dinner dress that I adore but to spare every ones wallets, I will wait until after the holidays.

Asheville has some amazing hotels. I found two that I fell in love with but from day one I knew that I wanted the hotel to be a surprise for Geoff and possibly a splurge. A splurge it is but it is important to me and my dad travels a lot for work. I tried for days to convince the people at the hotels to give me upgrades and discounts for their best rooms. No luck. I even pleaded that it was my wedding night and promised that we would spend anniversaries there. They didn't bite. My dad calls and got us a better rate. Go figure. Not complaining.

As I mentioned in this post,  my amazing friends threw us a couples shower and I DIYed thank you cards and mailed them out yesterday. I will be sharing those with you soon. Super simple and cheaper than buying customized thank you cards.

What would I like to get done this month? A lot but I know it is Thanksgiving month and we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house (& still dont' have a kitchen. ekkk)

  • Complete the order of the invitations
  • Work on a few DIY projects
  • Passport...
  • Create a list of what still needs to be done
  • Update my spreadsheet
  • Engagement pictures
I want to keep this simple and not have high hopes for the month. I WILL get a passport ordered. I found the cutest idea on Pinterest (of course) for a quick engagement session so I am hoping to have a friend help us out with that. I am thinking Christmas card?

7 months to go!

.live creatively well.


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