Friday, September 30, 2011

Princess House & Salsa

Hello world, I am back & I promise I am over 13. Geez. For those of you who don't follow my Twitter account (PStringandGBean), Google put a lock on my account until I provided proof of age. I thought it was a scam and searched google (and everywhere else) and ask around and finally let them charge $0.30 to my credit card to prove that I was indeed over 13. I have had my account for at least 5 years to I suppose I would have been 8? Anyways I am back and came to a scary realization that life without gmail, google docs, google reader, picasa, and blogger is a scary unproductive place. Take away my Facebook but leave me google.

Anyways, last night my lovely friend H hosted a Princess House party. Basically a modern day, updated Tupperware party transformed into a girls night with wine and food. Sounded good to me.

She lives about 45 minutes from me and I had never been to her and her BF's house and it is adorable & stocked with wine glasses :)

M, Me & the hostess. (My dress Nordstroms last year)
The night began with the brand rep ( I can't recall her actual title) using a dish they call the "miracle dish" that has the ability to cook rice and a whole chicken in the microwave. Not that I have any desire to cook a chicken in the microwave, it was impressive. Holly's BF had to make a quick target run to get a microwave large enough to hold the dish. The fact that H uses a microwave so rarely that they keep it in the bottom of the pantry makes me love her even more.

Trivia questions about food, BPAs, carcinogens, and cooking processes were thrown around the room with the correct answers winning play money. Then the catalogs and order sheets were passed out.

The brand rep puts a lot of pressure on everyone to BUY, BUY, BUY & I am not a fan of that. She also kept bringing up how the products help you loose weight but I was the lucky winner of the recipe pamphlet and the use of butter alone proved otherwise.  I did buy one glass storage container with a silicon lid. With my wedding coming up and a shower in only a few weeks (so excited), we really aren't in need of much. It was such a fun night with the girls. My soon to be sister in law and M are hosting a party next week (on my birthday FYI & I wont be attending because I have a date) so if anyone wants to go let me know!

The food spread was very party appropriate with fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers, chips and dips. Black bean salsas are a staple in my life thanks to Momma Pink String a few years ago. The standard recipe that MPS uses and a similar one that I use have a long list of ingredients and a lot of chopping. H's recipe has 3 ingredients and zero chopping. Perfect for a last minute party dish.

H's Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Can of Black Beans, drained & rinsed
Can of Corn, drained (or frozen defrosted)
Jar of your favorite salsa

Now combine & eat with chips. How easy is that?! 

I have such a full weekend ahead and I am looking forward to it :)

Hope you have a full but fun weekend!

.live creatively well.

On the training:
Tuesday: ran 3 miles & elliptical to warm up before an ab workout
Wednesday: recovered
Thursday: ran 3 miles & elliptical to warm up before ab & hamstring workout
Friday: 6:30 am boot camp (warm up, 400 m run + 50 squats x 4, 25 push ups, 25 shoulder presses & 25 triceps)

I bought a yoga mat yesterday to hopefully use for more abs & stretching at home. Tonight I plan on practicing with my new pedals and then going for a long ride in the morning. We shall see....

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