Monday, September 26, 2011

House Warming

This weekend Geoff & I had our housewarming party. I know we have been living in our house for a few months but we finally felt comfortable allowing our friends to come see our progress. I find it funny that I have zero hesitation sharing our progress here but in person nothing is hidden (especially since we are lacking interior doors). We invited a little over 20 of our friends over for a fun night of food, drink, and a little bit of football. I seemed to have enjoyed myself a little too much and forgot to take pictures. Go figure.....

For appetizers I served my Lemon Basil Hummus, a black bean salsa, cheese balls (totally not vegan) and a variety of nuts with a variety of dippers (celery, carrots, pretzels, crackers, chips, & pita). My soon to be sister in law brought un-fried artichoke hearts and egg plant sticks. She even made me my own gluten free version. Love her. For dinner & not pictured, Geoff grilled a variety of pizzas. I bought pizza dough, sauce, and cheese from Whole Foods and topped the pizzas three different ways: broccoli & cheese, sausage & peppers, and cherry tomato & red onion. The pizzas on the grill were a huge hit. For dessert I baked whole foods cookie dough, gluten free berry bars (recipe hopefully coming soon !) and dough balls. I actually forgot to take the dough balls out of the freezer.... I have been enjoying dough balls for ever meal since :)

Before the party I told myself that I am going to limit the drinking because I had a lot of training to do in the next 6 weeks. Well my friends had different opinions of this and brought me many bottles of amazing wine. Oh well. It is the thought that counts.

My friend D painted these frames for me! They are a light blue with a gold rub that makes them looked aged. I LOVE THEM. They will definitely be making an appearance at my wedding. I have started collecting frames & these are perfect. My favorite gifts are those that are home made. I want her to teach me how she made them so that I can share. How perfect is the quote?

" May your house always be too small to fit all of your friends."

I love my small house and I loved having it filled with my new Florida friends (and one of my bridesmaids from school!). I feel so blessed.

While my house was clean I managed to take "Where We Are Now" pictures of our main bedroom. Those coming soon!

.live creatively well.

PS. To keep myself on schedule I will be posting my last 6 weeks of training....
9/26- swam .5 miles & cardio/strength class

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