Sunday, December 11, 2011

6 Months!

I was so excited for this post as of last week. I filled out all of my paperwork. Went to the drug store to take my (horrible) picture. Found my birth certificate. Made an appointment. Went to my appointment. Stood in line and BAM I filled in one box incorrectly. This one box meant that I had to go back online and re fill out all of the information. Make a new appointment. Go back to the post office. Wait in line. Not have it checked off of my list again... 

Oh well. It happens and I plan on going Monday. Not the end of the world. (ah...!) 

Let's look at the rest of my list: 

  • Complete the order of the invitations - Done except I have to send them the names and mailing addresses because they will address them. This is on my Monday todo list as well. 
  • Work on a few DIY projects- This is on going. I did get a few items crossed off. 
  • Passport... See above :( 
  • Create a list of what still needs to be done- The list seems to be larger than what I would have imagined. 
  • Update my spreadsheet- I have asked Momma Green Bean to help with this. 
  • Engagement pictures- We are going today! A friend of mine is taking them more as a practice engagement and Christmas card shoot. The Groupon we bought this summer has not been successful. I kept trying to contact the company and it would take them weeks to return my emails. I will try again after the first of the year. 
This month we are taking a trip up to North Carolina and will be able to accomplish a lot off of the overall wedding todo list.  
  • Vist the venue. Take more pictures. Check out their rentals. Logistics. 
  • Meet with the rental company. Figure out what we need to rent.
  • Visit the tea room for the ladies lunch following the rehearsal. 
  • Visit the rehearsal dinner restaurant and figure out menu. 
I am looking forward to this trip to fill in the gaps of unknowns. There are items I know I want to have that I am hoping we can rent instead of hauling up there. Also this will help determine what type of tables, linens,  dinnerware, ect. that I now get to decide. 

At countdown month 5 it will be time to hanker down and focus solely on the wedding and wedding festivities. I am really excited. 

I am slightly nervous for our photo shoot today. I know I am not comfortable in front of the camera and I can't imagine Geoff is looking forward to this.... I keep telling myself that this is practice and if we get a few good pictures I will be happy. 

Wish us luck! 

I will be back with a kitchen update this week! 

.live creatively well.

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  1. You should complain to Groupon - you might be able to get your money back if they are unreachable or inconvenient!